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(1) Why Restedge?

We go the extra length to surpass our clients’ expectations with each and every transaction our passion, integrity and competence ensure that we surpass client needs


(2) How do I know my decision is right?

Our seasonal hands-on following, and reports on prevailing market trends help guide you on best decisions regarding location, price, benefits, potential income etc.


(3) What is  F and V?

Feasibility and Viability exercise. Done with the highest professional standard to give you the best advice to get highest return on your investment (highest and best use) of the land or building.


(4) I keep hearing about serviced apartments, what do i expect from them?

It depends on if the property is fully or partly serviced.

Generally, you should expect provision of the following services- provision of power, water, security, clearing, gardening, waste disposal, lighting of common areas, generator maintenance, etc. Some more luxurious complexes provide swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis courts, satellite TV, CCTV cameras, PABX, and on-site facility managers. Serviced apartment means that apart from the internal space within your apartment, the complex generally supported with utilities to ensure a more comfortable experience for tenants. For example, plumbing and electrical problems are usually looked into, and sorted out.

(5) Why renting an old property

(6) Why buy an old property?

(7) What documents should I expect when buying property?

– Who is to prepare them?

–  At whose cost?

(8) ‘Omo-onile’  vs. Government land

(9) Can I pay instalmentally for a property I like?

(10) All lease cheque lands?

(11) Any mortgage opportunities?